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With the iPhone, you can do anything!

Unusual Stories Published the 11/01/2010

Computer students from Berlin have developed a system to control a car using an iPhone. This is not fiction, but pure reality. They have designed an application that enables the car to be driven without a driver.

A webcam connected to the iPhone can visualize the road, as if in a driving simulation game. Thanks to an application called e-driver, the MPV is remotely controlled using an iPhone. Steering, accelerator, brakes, all the functions on the screen are sent to the car via Wifi. A camera located on the roof enables the driver to follow progress on the telephone. The experiment is so promising that the team received 2 million Euros from the State to work on a car-robot project. For its part, the Volkswagen group, seduced by the whole project, has accepted to sponsor it. To be continued...