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Illegal tyres tell tales

Unusual Stories Published the 18/12/2009

Customs officers intercepted a driver in Camphin-en Pévèle (Nord of France), on September 10th, as his behaviour seemed unusual. When inspecting the car, the officers noticed that the spare tyre was larger than should have been for that particular vehicle.

The car went through an X-Ray unit and when the tyre was removed they discovered two kilos of heroin, a pound of cocaine and a kilo of a cutting agent (paracetamol).   The middle man, Damad Remmas, 34 said that he had been contacted by traffickers whilst on holiday in Amsterdam.  It would have been plausible if police officers hadn’t gone to his house and found balaclavas and weapons along with the fact that last June he was sentenced to a year in prison for drug trafficking.