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Goodyear: burning rubber!

Unusual Stories Published the 19/01/2010

225kph is the speed achieved by a steam-powered vehicle fitted with Goodyear tyres. This new record was broken by the British pilot, Charles Burnet who drove his carbon and aluminium vehicle at Edward's air force base in California.

The 3-tonne rocket is 7 metres long and is equipped with 12 boilers where steam is heated to over 400 degrees and injected into a turbine at twice the speed of sound. Goodyear fitted this machine with 23X5-15 at the front and 28X4.5-15 at the rear. The American manufacturer is used to records as its tyres were fitted to the "Spirit of America" which broke the land speed record on the Salt Lake track in the United States in 1963, at more than 640kph.