Tyres in all conditions: unusual tyre stories - A Bugatti rescued from the bottom of a lake

A Bugatti rescued from the bottom of a lake

Unusual Stories Published the 22/02/2010 by Laurent

A type 22 Bugatti Brescia was sold for € 260 500 at the Bonhams sale at Retromobile. It was only estimated at between € 70 and € 90 000, but its history sent the bidding sky high. After 73 years at the bottom of Lake Maggiore, the exclusive Italian car was bought for a sum that had no bearing on its actual value.

This is due to the mystery surrounding this car that has been so sought after by collectors. It was thought to have been delivered on 22 April 1925 to Nancy before spending some time in Paris, at the start of the 1930's. The trace disappears until it turns up in Switzerland, in Ascona, on the banks of Lake Maggiore, where it belonged to Marco Schmuklerski, a famous Swiss architect. He then left the region, but the car was stored away in a garage. Not until 1967 did a diver find the vehicle, at a depth of 53 metres, when it became an under-water tourist attraction. Two hypotheses may explain how it got to the bottom of Lake Maggiore: the first concerns deliberate dumping by customs who hadn't been paid import duties by the garage. The second, slightly more unbelievable, eludes to a car chase that may have gone wrong. This wonderful story ultimately benefits the Fondazione Damiano Tamagi, a charity working for abused children.