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Unusual tyre stories

  • The most expensive article on the Amazon site is a... Tyre!

    Published the 20/09/2010 by Julien

    It is indeed difficult to fathom, but the most expensive product on Amazon is a tyre offered at a price of 124 999 dollars!
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  • Bags made of recycled tyres

    Published the 10/03/2010

    Hell's Kitchen, a brand created by the Italian designer Marco Lai, is arriving in France at high speed with a collection of bags made from 100% recycled tyres…
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  • A Bugatti rescued from the bottom of a lake

    Published the 22/02/2010 by Laurent

    A type 22 Bugatti Brescia was sold for € 260 500 at the Bonhams sale at Retromobile. It was only estimated at between € 70 and € 90 000, but its history sent the bidding sky high. After 73 years at the bottom of Lake Maggiore, the exclusive Italian car was bought for a sum that had no bearing on its actual value.
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  • SARTRE project : Let yourself be guided

    Published the 15/02/2010 by Laurent

    SARTRE project : Let yourself be guided

    SARTRE is the name of the new European project that aims to develop a technological process to enable vehicles to drive alone in convoy on motorways. An ingenious system which could herald tomorrow’s driving.
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  • Goodyear: burning rubber!

    Published the 19/01/2010

    225kph is the speed achieved by a steam-powered vehicle fitted with Goodyear tyres. This new record was broken by the British pilot, Charles Burnet who drove his carbon and aluminium vehicle at Edward's air force base in California.
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  • With the iPhone, you can do anything!

    Published the 11/01/2010

    Computer students from Berlin have developed a system to control a car using an iPhone. This is not fiction, but pure reality. They have designed an application that enables the car to be driven without a driver.
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  • Get a breath of fresh air while driving

    Published the 11/01/2010

    Future owners of the Infiniti M will be able to avail of the new 'Forest Air' system. Infiniti (Nissan Group) will fit its next M saloon with an all new climate control system that faithfully emulates the freshness of pure forest air.
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  • Illegal tyres tell tales

    Published the 18/12/2009

    Customs officers intercepted a driver in Camphin-en Pévèle (Nord of France), on September 10th, as his behaviour seemed unusual. When inspecting the car, the officers noticed that the spare tyre was larger than should have been for that particular vehicle.
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