Know the Uniroyal tyre better. To know more about the origins and history.

Uniroyal information

The Uniroyal tyre brand marketed in Europe is part of German Group Continental, with headquarters in Hanover.

The Uniroyal tyre brand marketed in North America is part of the Michelin Group.


Important dates :  

1894:  Englebert begins to construct tyres for bicycles and horse-driven carriages.

1898:  Englebert begins manufacturing car tyres, which made the company the leading tyre manufacturer in the Benelux countries, as well as one of the top tyre manufacturers in Europe.

1925:  A new factory was opened Liege. In 1929 another factory was opened in Aix-la-Chapelle.

1936:  A former silk manufacturing facility in Clairoix-les-Compiègne (France) became Englebert’s latest tyre factory.

1958:  Englebert gained an American business partner and his factories became Uniroyal Englebert Deutschland AG.

1963:  The first marketing campaign promoting Englebert’s products under the Uniroyal-Englebert brand was launched.

1967:  Uniroyal-Englebert was rebranded as Uniroyal.

1979:  The Uniroyal European Corporation became part of the Continental Corporation.

Uniroyal also manufactures truck tyres. 

Competition / sports sponsorship

Motor racing : 

  • In 1997, Uniroyal launched « Uniroyal Fun Cup », a racing car event open to all and providing motor racing amateurs an unique motorcross experience.
  • By 2007, the event had grown popular enough to be held in many different locations across Europe.