Fitting the original tyre on to the vehicle - Pirelli P-Zero tyres especially for the Alfa Romeo 4C

Pirelli P-Zero tyres especially for the Alfa Romeo 4C

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The 4C is Alfa Romeo’s new ultra-light model. To live up to claims, the 4C needed tyres that Pirelli was willing to supply, on an exclusive basis.

Alfa Romeo 4C on the track Pirelli, exclusively supplies P-Zero tyres especially for the new Alfa Romeo 4C - Copyright © : Pirelli

Custom AR P-Zero tyres

On paper, the Alfa Romeo 4C is an extremely attractive sports car. Its state of the art chassis can count on a carbon fibre monocoque, just like a real super car. One of the lightest cars in the world, it has a dry weight of just 895 kg which makes it a real bomb, even though its power output is not particularly high: Its small four cylinder engine “only” produces 240 hp. With its extreme design philosophy, this car needed high performance tyres in line with its character. Therefore, the Italian car manufacturer worked hand in hand with Pirelli to develop its tyres. For the 4C, the tyre manufacturer concocted a special P-Zero, tailored to match the cars’ technical characteristics.

Developed to suit a sports car that produces low levels of downforce but requires maximum grip, the P-Zero AR is fitted with 18 inch rims at the rear and 17 inch rims at the front. Note that the Alfa Romeo 4C can also be equipped with P-Zero Trofeo 19 inch rims at the rear and 18 inch rims at the front, in a more radical version.


8 minutes and 4 seconds on the Nordschleife

Alfa Romeo 4C at the Nürburgring trackCopyright © : Pirelli
Like many other brands of sports cars, Alfa Romeo sent its 4C to the very selective Nordschleife track to prove its worth. In the end, it managed to lap the legendary German circuit in just eight minutes and four seconds. A lap time set using Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo tyres, and which the Alfa Romeo team hopes to improve in the next attempt. Note that the Alfa Romeo 4C will be sold at a starting price of 51 000 euros.  As original equipment, it is exclusively supplied by Pirelli.


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>> Video of the Alfa Romeo fitted with P-Zero Trofeo tyres setting the Nürburgring record: