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The Pirelli P Zero: now available in colour

Manufacturers Published the 16/03/2017 by Julien Taillandier

Pirelli chose the 2017 Geneva Motor Show to present an exclusive new feature for its P Zero range: sidewalls in different colours, similar to those seen on Formula 1 tyres.

Pirelli_Pzero_white Colour for the Pirelli P Zero - Copyright © : Lizeo 2017

Purple, red, yellow, white, orange, green and blue are all colours found on Pirelli’s Formula 1 tyres. In F1, these colour codes are used to identify different tyre properties (rain, intermediate, hard etc.). Now, in its quest to provide ever more exclusive tyres, Pirelli is introducing similar coloured sidewalls to its P Zero range. 

This means that you can now personalise you tyres with sidewall markings in red, yellow, white or silver. You can even opt for a custom shade of your choice from the vast colour chart provided by Pirelli.

Coloured sidewalls are not a new idea, several tyre manufacturers have already tried to develop the concept. However due to production problems, as well as difficulties preventing the colour from fading with use, these tyres never reached the market. Now Pirelli, with its experience in Formula 1, has succeeded in developing colours that remain vivid over the years and over the miles.   

To find out which vehicles can be fitted with these personalised tyres, and for details of prices, visit:

Pirelli_Pzero_blueCopyright © : Lizeo 2017