Events organised by tyre manufacturers - Pirelli celebrates 50 years of its calendar with never-before-seen photos

Pirelli celebrates 50 years of its calendar with never-before-seen photos

Manufacturers Published the 25/11/2013 by John

The Pirelli calendar is an institution that has spanned half a century. To celebrate, the famous Italian tyre manufacturer takes a look at the past for the next edition of its iconic calendar.

Pirelli Calendar 50 years Photographs taken by Helmut Newton in 1986 published for the Pirelli calendar’s 50 years - Copyright © : Pirelli

50 years and not a wrinkle

By definition, car tyres and artistic photography are two completely unrelated fields. Yet, little by little Pirelli has managed to build a myth by publishing a calendar each year, with models that have little to do with tyres. It all started back in 1964, and today the Pirelli calendar marks its 50 years of existence. To celebrate this nice round number, Pirelli organised a New York photo shoot, bringing together two talented photographers as well as top models that have featured in previous editions. While we waited to discover the 2014 edition of the Pirelli calendar, the Italian tyre manufacturer finally decided to surprise its fans with an astonishing strategy.



Tribute to Helmut Newton

Pirelli calendar photo 1986Copyright © : Pirelli
For the 2014 edition, the only new photos are finally those taken at New York back in June. The Italian tyre manufacturer decided not to organise a new photo shoot for the calendar’s 2014 edition, but rather take a trip down memory lane and visit the history of this institution. Indeed, Pirelli unveils a set of never-before-seen photos, taken in 1986 by Helmut Newton. At that time, the famous German photographer organised his own photo shoot (for that year's edition of the calendar) before Pirelli finally decided to publish other photos instead.

Pirelli has dug out these vintage photos for the 50th anniversary and fans of the calendar should not be disappointed. It features a few Italian beauties and even some sports cars.


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