Events organised by tyre manufacturers - Michelin invests in Formula E to develop tyres for the future

Michelin invests in Formula E to develop tyres for the future

Manufacturers Published the 13/11/2014 by Susan

For a while, Michelin was tipped to return to Formula 1. Since then, the French tyre manufacturer has turned to Formula E, where the lessons learned in this challenging discipline could be used directly to develop road tyres.

Presentation of the Michelin Formula E Michelin develops tyre performance thanks to Formula E, a new electric motor racing championship - Copyright © : Michelin USA

Formula E marks a turning point in the history of motorsports and the FIA (International Automobile Federation). Electric energy has never been so strongly promoted in motorsports; a turning point yes, but also a challenge for teams who must learn to use these technical solutions. Indeed, drivers have to become accustomed to a radically different approach to driving. An approach that tyre manufacturers also need to adapt to when involved in the project, in this case Michelin.

Show Michelin Formula ECopyright © : Michelin USA
Due to the specific technical features of electric engines (weight distribution, the arrival of torque which is much different than with an internal combustion engine and the dimensions) Formula E cars have obliged Michelin to engineer a tyre in line with somewhat unconventional specifications.

The Michelin Pilot Sport EV is the tyre developed for the occasion. Available in the size 245/40 R18, it will equip all cars competing in the championship.

The urban setting for races and sustainability are aspects that Michelin will be able to capitalise on, gaining an experience it will be possible to apply to passenger car tyres