Events organised by tyre manufacturers - Michelin equips the Renault Eolab Concept with its “Tall and Narrow” tyre

Michelin equips the Renault Eolab Concept with its “Tall and Narrow” tyre

Manufacturers Published the 10/11/2014 by Raquel Rodriguez

The French tyre manufacturer has developed specially designed tyres for the Renault Eolab Concept prototype, presented at the Paris Motor Show.

Eolab Concept wheel Renault presented the car of the future equipped with Michelin tyres at the 2014 Motor Show - Copyright © : Denis Meunier

An innovative design

First presented at Berlin during the Challenge Bibendum 2011, Michelin’s “Tall & Narrow” tyre equipped the Renault showcase car at the Paris Motor Show: the Eolab Concept. With an innovative design and a completely new size (145 70 R17), Michelin’s tall and narrow tyre saves energy without compromising its excellent performance in terms of grip, longevity and driving comfort.



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Thanks to its larger diameter and narrower tread, Michelin’s “Tall & Narrow” tyre simultaneously improves several performance areas.
By reducing the tread, and as a result, the ground contact patch, the tyre has a lower rolling resistance and better aerodynamics, thus increasing the vehicle’s energy efficiency.  

Water evacuation with the Michelin Eolab RenaultCopyright © : Michelin - Renault

The “Tall & Narrow”, with its large diameter and narrower tread, improves aquaplaning resistance thanks to the more pronounced bow effect. Taking advantage of the narrower tread, noise levels are also lower.

In addition to the specific design aspect of this tyre, Michelin has used the Michelin Premium Touch technology for sidewall markings to emphasis the dynamism and performance of the Eolab Concept. This measure aims to reduce the aerodynamic drag of the tyre, and as a result, improve its energy efficiency.



Aerodynamics and lightness, key forces of the Eolab Concept

Based on the Eolab prototype and presented at the Paris Motor Show, the Renault Eolab Concept alone presents almost 100 technological advances for the car manufacturing industry.

Aerodynamics of the Michelin Eolab RenaultCopyright © : Michelin - Renault

With its showcase car, Renault promises a fuel consumption of 282 mpg and 22g of CO2 emissions. This exceptional consumption is possible thanks to a combination of three factors: the aerodynamic design, the use of composite materials to obtain a lightweight construction and the “Z.E. hybrid” petrol-electricity technology. This solution guarantees an ultra-low fuel consumption and “zero emission” mobility on journey under 37 miles and up to 75 mph.

Profile of the Eolab Concept Copyright © : Denis Meunier

Suitable for a certain category of vehicles, the “Tall & Narrowtyre prefigures tomorrow’s tyre. Indeed, its design makes it ideal for urban driving and the moderate constraints in its use. If it is not adapted to existing car fleets, it helps paint a picture of the car of the future.