Events organised by tyre manufacturers - IntelliGrip: Goodyear’s proposal for the first autonomous vehicles

IntelliGrip: Goodyear’s proposal for the first autonomous vehicles

Manufacturers Published the 17/03/2016 by Alexandre Lenoir

One of the most important issues for autonomous vehicles is safety. Presented at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Goodyear’s IntelliGrip tyre proposes technological solutions in an attempt to address these issues.

New Goodyear tyre: the IntelliGrip IntelliGrip: Goodyear’s new tyre that could equip the first autonomous vehicles. - Copyright © : Goodyear 2016

Thanks to its tread equipped with sensors capable of assessing driving conditions (weather, road surface, etc.) as well as checking its own condition (level of wear, for example), the tyre will be able to supply the autonomous vehicle’s electronic control unit (ecu) so that it can make the vehicle react or trigger emergency actions in line with these parameters. For example, in rain, the vehicle’s speed could be automatically reduced and braking forces adapted to the conditions.

Goodyear IntelliGrip internal sensorCopyright © : Goodyear 2016

American tyre manufacturer Goodyear says it has entered discussions with a large number of car manufacturers, in conjunction with Huf who produces the microchip built into the Intelligrip tyre.

Those responsible for the world’s major cities, interviewed during the World Economic Forum, think that the first generation of real autonomous vehicles could be driving within a decade.