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Goodyear TripleTube: no shortage of air for this three-in-one tyre

Manufacturers Published the 04/03/2016 by Alexandre Lenoir

With three tubes that inflate and deflate depending on changing road surface and weather conditions, the TripleTube is designed to adjust to all situations.

Photo of Goodyear TripleTube tread design Here’s a glimpse of Goodyear’s innovative TripleTube tread design - Copyright © : Goodyear

Today, the share of electronics in the latest automotive advances has reached unprecedented heights and may represent up to 90% of investments. But electronics are not always where we expect to find them, as demonstrated by the TripleTube concept presented by Goodyear at the last Geneva Motor Show.

The tread design of this tyre has three different parts and as many air chambers that can inflate and deflate dynamically in response to changing road surface and weather conditions.
In normal driving conditions, the tyre is in the Eco/Safety position. The tyre’s wide footprint provides braking performance whereas its increased rigidity helps lower rolling resistance for more fuel efficiency.
In the sporty position, the tyre adopts a conical shape that improves braking performance and finally, in the wet traction position, air is moved to the centre of the tyre to break through the water film and reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

Inside the tyre is a case that, by means of a pump, moves air as and when required. To find out about the conditions, the tyre communicates with some of the vehicle’s components. For example, switching windscreen wipers to the fastest setting will control the safety mode.

This fully sustainable tyre also features other innovations developed by Goodyear, and in particular, its rubber compound that uses silica derived from rice husk ash.

Goodyear has currently no plans to market the TripleTube.