Events organised by tyre manufacturers - Dunlop Sport Maxx RT: Tests on the Ascari race track

Dunlop Sport Maxx RT: Tests on the Ascari race track

Manufacturers Published the 01/03/2012 by Jack

To test its new sports tyre, Dunlop invited Rezulteo to the famous Ascari race track in Andalusia: A decisive test for a touring tyre. The tyre was tested back-to-back on a BMW Z4 28i, an Audi TT-S and an Audi S4 V6T. Here are the (positive) impressions from Julien, our driver-journalist.

Dunlop Sport Maxx RT test with Audi S4 V6T on the Ascari track Copyright © : All Rights Reserved

First, bear in mind that a test for journalists has little to do with a scientific test conducted by approved test organisations. The tyre presented cannot be compared with its competitors. However, the test provides an indication of the tyre’s “temperament”: Steering accuracy, durability and of course, the driving comfort.  

Ascari: A demanding race track

After whetting our appetite behind the wheel of a BMW Z4 28i on the winding roads around the Ascari race track, the race track stage was the real highlight.

Ascari Race TrackCopyright © : All Rights Reserved

Ascari is one of the best race tracks in Europe. Hilly, highly technical, it offers a rare diversity that allows drivers to enjoy the experience within certain limits.  At least the limits set by the Dunlop staff.

The specific features of the natural layout (relief, pace, etc) were optimised for our test needs with slaloms installed in some straights.

Objectives: Appreciate the tyre’s qualities for specific performance characteristics such as changing direction, heavy braking, stability in fast corners, etc.

Two cars were available for our test:

  1. A 272 HP Audi TT-S 
  2. A 333 HP Audi S4 V6T

The two sports cars were fitted with tyres in size 245/40 ZR 18 97 Y XL.

Even if these two supercharged vehicles have different aims (a coupe and a saloon) they are relatively well balanced given their similar architecture (Quattro all wheel drive).

Driving pleasure and efficiency

This test drive leaves us with a positive first impression. These tyres hug the asphalt and provide informative feedback.   A measured steering angle is required to change direction, confirming the tyre’s structural stiffness. Despite the abrasive asphalt, no premature wear was noted and no chunks of rubber came off the tyres (bear in mind the Dunlop Sport Maxx RT is a road tyre…).

In sporting terms, the Sport Maxx RT is particularly convincing. It’s a pleasure to drive; it shows consideration and offers an efficiency level that puts this tyre at the top end of its category.

To confirm this positive impression, we're waiting for the results from the first tests conducted by certified bodies to be published. But also to find out if this promising tyre provides overall uniformity with a good performance balance.

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