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Continental ContiSilent: less noise but just as sporty

Manufacturers Published the 02/09/2013 by John

Like its competitor Pirelli, it is now Continental's turn to propose a compound capable of delivering high performance while reducing noise levels when driving.

Tyre structure with ContiSilent technology  Continental launches the new ContiSilent technology to increase ride comfort and reduce tyre noise - Copyright © : Continental


Only a few weeks ago, the Italians at Pirelli presented special P-Zero tyres featuring the “Pirelli Noise Cancelling System” technology, capable of reducing rolling noise on high performance sports cars.

Continental appears to have adopted the same type of technology on new products since they too come with a system to reduce rolling noise and maintain ride comfort, even on high powered cars. 


Audi rs7 SportbackCopyright © : Audi

Equipped with the “ContiSilent” technology, Continental’s high performance tyre, the ContiSport Contact 5 can, for example, be fitted to the Audi RS6 Avant and the RS7 Sportback, just like its direct competitor Pirelli. The RS6 will be equipped with the 285/30 ZR 21 whereas the RS7 will get the 275/30 ZR 21 size.

Tyre structure with the ContiSilent technology  Copyright © : Continental

ContiSilent type tyres employ a special technique that is implemented during the production process, where a coating is bonded to the inside of the tread, to effectively filter noise whatever the road surface. This system has no effect on tyre performance.