Events organised by tyre manufacturers - Bridgestone uses video to highlight safety

Bridgestone uses video to highlight safety

Manufacturers Published the 04/11/2014 by Raquel Rodriguez

Tyre manufacturer Bridgestone used its presence at the 2014 Paris Motor Show to present its new publicity campaign focusing on the importance of tyres for safety.

Bridgestone tyre campaign and safety systems Bridgestone launches a campaign focusing on the importance of tyres, a key element for road safety - Copyright © : Bridgestone

With this video, Bridgestone emphasises that of all the safety systems available on today’s cars, tyres are the only one actually in contact with the road. This action is part of the tyre manufacturer’s general reflection to strengthen the values of the Bridgestone brand, particularly through its commitment to driver and passenger safety.


The campaign will be visible via a variety of communication channels (television, internet...) throughout Europe.


Two other videos will complete the publicity campaign: one on the brand’s new winter tyre, the Blizzak LM001, and the other on the Turanza T001. The first film will feature the performance of winter tyres drawing a parallel between driving in winter conditions and alpine skiing. The second will focus on wet grip using swimming as an analogy.

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