Events organised by tyre manufacturers - Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE002: Tests at the Ascari race track

Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE002: Tests at the Ascari race track

Manufacturers Published the 19/04/2013 by John

Bridgestone invited us to the Ascari racetrack in Andalusia to test the Adrenalin RE002, its new sport tyre for city and compact cars. Tests were conducted in heavy rain, which gave us the chance to appreciate the qualities of this tyre in adverse conditions.

Departure for the track tests Departure for the track tests - Copyright © : Bridgestone

The initial program was to test the Adrenalin RE002 in various conditions. The weather decided otherwise. We limited ourselves to workshops on the wet track: Track driving, slalom and a comparison test. This was a blessing in disguise since we were able to see how the tyre coped with particularly difficult driving conditions.


Wet road driving: A feeling of safety and control

To test how the Adrenalin RE002 handles, Bridgestone provided us with an Audi A3 TFSI and reserved the north loop of the Ascari race track. With its mix of corners, cambers and slopes (Sebring, Pif-Paf, Spa, Petit Eau Rouge… corners), this is the most technical part of the circuit. It requires some serious driving expertise, especially when the track is soaking wet.

Despite the weather conditions, the demonstration was conclusive. The Audi A3 and this tyre struck a perfect balance. Over and above a feeling of total safety and control, the Adrenalin RE002 offers precision and sharp handling. The technologies used to improve driving pleasure work well on the wet. An important point for everyday driving: The Adrenalin RE002 is particularly stable when braking and exhilarating when cornering.


The gymkhana: Comparison test with the Turanza T001

Volkswagen Golf 7 on a wet trackCopyright © : Bridgestone

A wet track, a slalom, a braking area: Ideal conditions to assess the tyre’s ability to drain off water. For this workshop, Bridgestone suggested we compare the performance of the Potenza Adrenalin RE002 with the Turanza T001, a tyre positioned more as a “touring” tyre in the range.

The test started with a VW Golf 7 fitted with the T001. The tyre did well with one reservation: A slight tendency to understeer (the front slides) in the fastest corner of our track.

In these conditions, the Adrenalin RE002 was no more efficient than the T001: Lap times were close. However, the Adrenalin made the difference with the feeling procured when driving: It handles successive corners more smoothly and offers enhanced driving sensations.

In short, from a safety point of view, the result is a draw. For driving pleasure, the Adrenalin RE002 wins by a technical knockout.


Confirmation of the potential:

Grip demonstration with an Audi TTCopyright © : Bridgestone


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On Flick'r

To fully appreciate the Adrenalin RE002’s performance, Bridgestone invited us to sit beside professional drivers in Audi TT’s. Pushing the car to its limits, each driver with his own distinctive style, allowed us to assess the tyre’s grip potential. A demonstration punctuated by technical explanations on the trickiest parts of the track. The unorthodox driving, deliberately exaggerated in certain situations, highlighted the Adrenalin RE002’s neutral handling as well as its real progress.

Discover the Ascari racetrack on board a Radical SR3

Bridgestone invited us to discover the entire Ascari racetrack as a passenger on board a Radical SR3, a pure racing car with 220 horsepower and a weight of 540 kg. Enjoy a lap at Ascari!