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Bridgestone Ologic: tomorrow’s eco-friendly tyre?

Manufacturers Published the 17/10/2013 by Charlotte

At Bridgestone, work continues on the Ologic technology to develop a new generation of tyres, more environmentally friendly than ever before.

Bridgestone Oligic tyre Bridgestone Ologic, a new generation of environmentally friendly tyres - Copyright © : Bridgestone

Narrower, more efficient

At a time when it is important to produce the most fuel efficient tyres, Bridgestone is developing a technology which should lead to a higher level of eco-friendliness. The “ologic” technology offers a complete rethink of tyre design. Imagine a tyre with a larger diameter and a much narrower tread width than a conventional tyre: This is more or less Ologic.

The tyre is narrower and the diameter is larger, therefore  ideal to reduce the rolling resistance phenomenon and radically reduce fuel consumption .

Given its special appearance, tyre pressure is much higher and requires a special structure and different compounds.


Safer in rain

The radically different appearance offers another advantage; the tyre provides more grip on wet roads since the area in contact with the road is longer. With the Ologic technology, Bridgestone expects an 8% improvement in wet grip.

Once development is completed, Bridgestone’s ultimate goal is to adapt the Ologic technology to its entire range of economical tyres. We imagine that this type of tyre will be very suitable for hybrid and electric vehicles to be marketed in the coming months and years. 


At the annual Tyre Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence 2014, Bridgestone Ologic Technology received the award for "Pneumatic Technology of the Year" for equipping the new BMW i3 electric model, thus contributing to a commitment to sustainable mobility.