Events organised by tyre manufacturers - Bridgestone launches its Ologic tyre on the BMW i3

Bridgestone launches its Ologic tyre on the BMW i3

Manufacturers Published the 29/01/2014 by Connor

Bridgestone has launched an unusual looking tyre on the market. The BMW i3 is the first car model to inaugurate this interesting tyre technology.

Bridgestone Ecopia EP500 and Ologic technology Bridgestone’s Ecopia EP500 Ologic tyre equips the BMW i3 electric car - Copyright © : Bridgestone

Larger and narrower

A few months ago, we reviewed Bridgestone’s Ologic technology. The idea behind the technology is to develop a range of tyres with a somewhat radical appearance, designed to minimise fuel consumption, thanks to a special profile. The tyre has a larger diameter, but the tread is much narrower than that of a standard tyre. The principle is quite clearly to reduce the rolling resistance. 

BMW i3 equipped with the Bridgestone Ecopia EP500Copyright © : BMW

Fitted on the BMW i3

Tyre manufacturer Bridgestone is proud to count on BMW to launch this tyre, whose technology it qualifies as “revolutionary". The German car manufacturer has just presented its BMW i3: a city car with a futuristic look, featuring groundbreaking technology and fitted with an electric block (or an optional hybrid version) and a carbon fibre chassis. The new i3, which uses very narrow tyres, is the first series production vehicle to adopt the range of tyres Bridgestone has developed with the Ologic technology. The Ecopia EP500 is currently available in four sizes: 155/70 R19 84Q, 175/55 R20 85Q, 175/60 R19 86Q and 155/60 R20 80Q.

Note that two winter versions are also available, the Blizzak LM-500 and the Nordic Blizzak NV.

At the annual Tyre Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence 2014, Bridgestone Ologic Technology received the award for "Pneumatic Technology of the Year" for equipping the new BMW i3 electric model, thus contributing to a commitment to sustainable mobility.