Events organised by tyre manufacturers - Bridgestone, exclusive partner for Mercedes-Benz Driving Events

Bridgestone, exclusive partner for Mercedes-Benz Driving Events

Manufacturers Published the 12/11/2013 by John

Bridgestone signs a new exclusive partnership with Mercedes, this time to organise its Driving Events, a programme devised by the German manufacturer to test vehicles and drivers, in sometimes challenging conditions.

Mercedes Driving Events Bridgestone organises Driving Events with Mercedes-Benz: Driving training, tests in snow, eco-driving… - Copyright © : Mercedes-Benz

Learning advanced driving techniques

Mercedes Driving EventsCopyright © : Bridgestone - Mercedes-Benz
The Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy encompasses a large number of events organised by the star brand throughout the world, on a wide variety of terrains. The goal is quite simple: offer participants a training experience that may be relatively challenging, focussed on driving techniques for professional vehicle drivers: They may have to deal with exceptional situations (for example, a limo driver may have to take quick evasive action when transporting high profile clients). This is just the kind of situation where tyres are sorely tested. Mercedes has chosen Bridgestone as its exclusive partner, who will make its entire range of tyres available for the German manufacturer: From the Potenza to the Blizzak, not to mention the Turanza and the Dueler. In this specific context, all of these tyres will be fitted to Mercedes-Benz vehicles.


36 events, from German racing circuits to the extreme cold in Lapland

Bridgestone supplies Driving EventsCopyright © : Bridgestone - Mercedes-Benz
For its upcoming 2013/2014 session, the Mercedes-Benz Driving Events will take place on all terrains. 36 events are planned in total, from driver training on German racing circuits to extreme cold tests in the Lapland snow, but also off-road training or eco-driving in real conditions. Note that registration is open to anyone.