Events organised by tyre manufacturers - Bridgestone Ecopia tyres to be used for 30th World Solar Challenge

Bridgestone Ecopia tyres to be used for 30th World Solar Challenge

Manufacturers Published the 04/07/2017 by Yannick O’Conor

Japanese tyre manufacturer Bridgestone will supply tyres for the various solar-powered cars taking part in the 2017 Edition of the World Solar Challenge.

Bridgestone_Ecopia_world_solar All vehicles participating in the World Solar Challenge will be fitted with Bridgestone Ecopia tyres. - Copyright © : Bridgestone

3000 kilometres on solar power

Title sponsor, Bridgestone will once again supply tyres for vehicles taking part in the World Solar Challenge that celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year. The World Solar Challenge is a competition for students which takes place every two years in Australia. Participants from around the world attempt to drive the 3000 kilometres from Darwin to Adelaide in solar-powered cars. More than a race, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge aims to promote innovations in solar mobility. No fuel stops are required for these spaceship-like cars which are 100% electric and run on solar energy, of which there is no shortage of in Australia. 

Bridgestone_wscCopyright © : Bridgestone

The Ecopia range takes pride of place

This year, Bridgestone will fit Ecopia tyres on all vehicles taking part in the competition. This tyre, original equipment on the BMW i3, was developed and tested during the 2013 Edition of the competition. 

Featuring Bridgestone’s ‘Ologic’ technology, this tall and narrow tyre drastically reduces rolling resistance and is ideal for hybrid and electric vehicles. It is now making its comeback in Australia for the 2017 edition. Teams of student engineers from all around the world have been preparing their cars for months to have them ready for the event which will be held from 8-15 October.