Events organised by tyre manufacturers - At Geneva, Goodyear presents its double contact patch tyre

At Geneva, Goodyear presents its double contact patch tyre

Manufacturers Published the 06/04/2014 by Harry

Goodyear did not miss its date with the Geneva Motor Show, presenting a unique tyre that may be marketed in the coming years.

Goodyear SUV concept At the Geneva Motor Show, Goodyear has revealed a useful concept for future passenger car tyres - Copyright © : Goodyear

A tyre in two parts

And yes, you’re not dreaming: Unlike a standard passenger car tyre, the tyre concept presented by Goodyear has two main parts on its profile, separated by a groove. As though there were two tyres alongside each other, except that here, there is only one tyre, specifically developed to have this profile. The purpose? Gain ground in a number of areas, among which safety and energy savings.

Goodyear concept front Copyright © : Goodyear

Reduced consumption, less aquaplaning

Goodyear concept exteriorCopyright © : Goodyear
The two main advantages of such a tread are quite easy to imagine: Since the central part is unobstructed, water can flow more freely in heavy rain. And since the contact patch with the road is reduced, rolling resistance is inevitably lower. A tyre with a double contact patch would therefore deliver a more efficient drive on wet roads, and at the same time, fuel consumption would be significantly less than with a normal tyre. The only technical difficulty for engineers to overcome is to reduce the contact patch that necessarily impacts the rubber’s gripping ability when the tyre is subjected to high loads during dynamic driving. Goodyear has announced that development is at a relatively advanced stage and that it may result in a future SUV tyre. In any case, all the technologies that have been developed and used for this prototype are potential ways of improving touring tyres to be marketed in the near future.