Tips and advice about winter tyres - Maintaining your car in the winter

Maintaining your car in the winter

Your winter tyres

Tyres are an essential component for winter safety. But there are others that need to be monitored. Here is a checklist for peace of mind.

  • In winter, windows get dirty very quickly. Check the condition of the wipers and, if necessary, have them replaced. Fill up on antifreeze windscreen wash.
  • In the evening, cover the windshield with cardboard or rub it inside and out with newspaper to prevent the formation of frost. Remember to lift your wipers off the windshield.
  • Place a window scraper and a defrost spray for the windows in your car.
  • The cooling system must contain enough antifreeze.
  • Check that the viscosity rating of your engine oil is appropriate, as in cold weather it tends to densify.
  • Monitor the condition of your battery, low temperatures may reduce its power.
  • Check your lighting. A defective lamp or fuse may have serious consequences in the heart of the winter.
  • The rubber seals on the doors may stick due to frost. To prevent this, you can protect them with talc.
  • Do not put the handbrake on, but leave the car in gear. The handbrake may stick due to frost.
  • Regularly wash your car to protect it against road salt, especially corrosive for the chassis, body and the tyres.