Tips and advice about winter tyres - Do 4X4 vehicles need winter tyres?

Do 4X4 vehicles need winter tyres?

Your winter tyres

Of course! Four-wheel drive is a bonus in the winter. As long as the four wheels offer good "grip".

4x4 in winter conditions Do 4x4 need winter tyres? - Copyright © : Rezulteo

"Me? Snow tyres? No point, I've got a 4x4!" This is a frequent reaction by the owners of four-wheel drive vehicles. This assurance however risks exposing them to unnecessary risks when the time comes!

Although these vehicles offer better traction, they are nevertheless heavy and hence more delicate to manoeuvre when braking or cornering. To enable them to fully express their potential, their tyres need sufficient "grip" to hug the wet, snow-covered or icy winter roads.

For this reason, all major tyre brands have developed special ranges for this type of vehicle, including winter models. 

These tyres have the following characteristics:

  • Materials suited to low temperatures;
  • Directional, often asymmetrical tread pattern;
  • Deep tread pattern with numerous edges;
  • Considerable siping;
  • Wide longitudinal grooves.

Not so much 4x4, as SUV!

Today, the 4X4 vehicles sold are usually for on-road use. They are no longer called 4x4s, but SUV's ("Sport Utility Vehicle"), a term more suited to its use (it is estimated that only 5% of 4x4 owners adventure off road) and ecologically more correct. Designed mainly for leisure, these vehicles look chunky but increasingly resemble large saloons. They usually enable the driver to switch to only two-wheel drive, which consumes less fuel.