Tips and advice; maintaining your tyres - How to store your tyres between two seasons?

How to store your tyres between two seasons?

Maintaining your tyres

To increase the performance of tyres, it is important that your winter tyres and summer tyres are properly stored when changing season. A practical solution: entrust them with your dealer. Many dealers or tyre fitting centres offer this service.

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Rubber doesn't age well: it hardens and cracks if it is not conserved properly. To store your tyres properly between two winters or two summers, you need two follow certain rules.

  • Place them in a well-ventilated, dry and warm (10 to 25°C) place, away from direct sunlight and the weather.
  • Ensure they are kept well away from chemical substances, solvents or hydrocarbons which may damage the rubber.


Storage on the rim

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  • - Do not store standing up
  • + Hang up the tyre
  • + Stack the tyres up


Storage off the rim

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  • - Do not stack
  • - Do not hang
  • + Store standing up
  • + Turn the tyres every 4 weeks



Storage service

If you don't have a place with the necessary conditions for storing your winter tyres or summer tyres properly, several tyre fitting centres offer a storage service.