Tips and advice; maintaining your tyres - Changing tyres: what's forbidden, what's recommended

Changing tyres: what's forbidden, what's recommended

Maintaining your tyres rezulteo

The choice of replacement tyres is not entirely free: you are obliged to respect the highway code and the manufacturer's recommendations.

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What the law prohibits

The rules of the road prohibit the fitting of tyres of different structures on the same axle. This means that the tyres must be:

  • of the same dimension;
  • of the same category of use (e.g. road, snow, off-road);
  • of the same structure: radial or diagonal;
  • of the same speed rating;
  • of the same load-carrying capacity.


    Tolerance for winter tyres 

    For winter tyres, the speed rating may be lower than that of summer tyres. Winter tyres are subject to lower driving speeds than summer tyres due to the weather conditions. 

    Respect the specifications approved by the manufacturer

    The manufacturer's approval on your vehicle presents the specific characteristics of your tyres: width, height, diameter, load carry capacity, speed rating. This data is shown on the tyre sidewall.

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    When you change your tyres, you must use tyres with the same technical characteristics as those fitted originally .

    However, the law allows a difference in dimensions of originally fitted tyres in some cases:

    • If the original tread circumference is respected (tolerance + 1.5 %; -2.5 %);
    • if load and speed ratings are equal to or greater than those of the original tyre.

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