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Tyre fitting: a mobile fitting service is possible

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To fit or remove tyres, drivers usually make an appointment with their local garage and organise themselves to compensate for the waiting time involved with this type of service. However, it is important to know that there is an alternative that may offer car owners a convenient solution: fitting tyres ... at home.

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Changing tyres conjures up the image of a well oiled system. First of all, the car is taken to the fitting centre or to a specialist then, once it is placed on the hoist, its wheels are removed and a number of operations from removing the tyres to balancing the wheels then follow. If these operations are well organised and finally fairly quick, having to take your car and wait the required time remains a constraint.

Many brand names such as National TyresKwik Fit or Tyres on the Drive, propose to shift the burden and free drivers from this constraint. It is no longer the car that goes to the fitting centre but a mobile tyre fitting station that comes to it.
This mobile station is a van with all the equipment required for the intervention: the tyres ordered by the client, of course, pneumatic jacks to lift the car and remove the tyres, the compressor and the essential wheel balancer.

Before welcoming the mobile station at the intervention site, at home or at work, the customer follows a very simple process that starts on the service provider’s website. The customer first defines the geographic area for the intervention to check that a mobile station is able to provide the service. Several mobile fitters operate all over the country.


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During normal busy periods, tyres will usually be fitted within two to five days of the order being placed, but it depends on the dealer. Once the mobile station is on-site, it takes approximately 30 minutes to remove and fit a pair of tyres. The service (normally including removal, fitting, balancing, tyre rotation if necessary) is completed.

If this service has some constraints in terms of time and space (the intervention requires making an appointment several days in advance and may be subject to seasonal phenomena. Likewise, there must be adequate space for the mobile station to park alongside your car), fitting tyres at home represents a practical and economical solution. Indeed, drivers avoid a trip to the fitting centre and the wait, and it is not significantly more expensive than an intervention at the centre.