Comparative tyre test and trial - The final ranking

The final ranking

Tests and trials Published the 01/10/2013 by John

At the end of our test to compare 10 high performance tyres, performance differences were observed from one tyre to another based on the driver’s feeling and the conditions in which tests were conducted. On the Focus ST, the favourite tyre was not necessarily what we thought.

The 10 tyres tested on the Magny-Cours circuit The comparative study has helped identify important differences between each tyre in terms of grip, braking, wear and handling - Copyright © : rezulteo

As expected, marked differences were observed between each tyre, whether in terms of steering responsiveness, lap times, the ability to grip the track surface, braking or wear. For a sports car, the driving experience is largely influenced by the selected tyre brand. On the Ford Focus ST, our test drivers were unanimous about the Yokohama Advan Sport V105. It excels in all domains and yet it is not the most expensive. Ahead of the Michelin tyre, considered to be a sound value which remains pleasant to drive, efficient and uniform. Third, Goodyear offers an exceptional steering response and better dry braking performance than its competitors, but wears a little faster. Hankook finish fourth thanks to a sound and easy handling. Barely distinctive, this tyre is a very good compromise. Tying on points, Vredestein is a surprise given its more accessible price. Fast around the track, it beats certain premium brands despite a lower price.

Final ranking table Copyright © : rezulteo


Bridgestone is next, hanging on to its ranking with a tyre that is not particularly outstanding but has no major faults. Ahead of Pirelli and Continental who are disappointing on certain points. Toyo is just behind due to poor braking results and a lack of character. Nexen closes the ranking. Even if it is by far the cheapest tyre, it is not recommended since it lacks durability and its reactions are sometimes a bit strange. 


Driving on the Magny-Cours circuit Copyright © : rezulteo

In our comparison, we have chosen to only conduct tests on the dry. You can imagine that if the test included wet track driving the results would have been different, particularly for premium brands that experience difficulty in this ranking. Certain tyre manufacturers have probably adopted different development choices – and different conditions for efficient performance –and different sports budgets. On the dry, this is the real ranking to bear in mind for all competitors. It is possible to imagine that certain aspects may vary depending on the test car, particularly in terms of steering responsiveness or the uniformity of wear. But if you own a four wheel drive sports compact car, you know which tyres you need to ensure the best performance on a dry track or road. 


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