Comparative tyre test and trial - First dynamic test: Dry braking

First dynamic test: dry braking

Tests and trials Published the 01/10/2013 by John

Braking is a key criteria when choosing a tyre whether it is a sports tyre or not. The braking performance of our ten competitors was tested from 100 to 0 km/h which gave some interesting results and a few surprises.

Braking test on the Magny-Cours circuit First test conducted on the Magny-Cours circuit: Dry braking - Copyright © : rezulteo

The Ford Focus ST comes with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 tyres fitted as original equipment. For our test, the already used original equipment was kept as the benchmark tyre. During each test, any changes in test conditions (track temperature, weather …) were closely monitored so that any significant changes did not produce misleading measurements. For each tyre, four braking tests at 100 km/h were conducted between three passes with the benchmark tyre to control the measurement conditions. The figures obtained are an average of these four tests. In the end, a difference of more than three metres can be noted between the best and worst performing tyre for the vehicle to come to a complete standstill. Goodyear comes out on top in this exercise, ahead of Yokohama, Michelin and Bridgestone. For the poorly performing tyres, Toyo is last just behind the Korean Nexen.

Braking tableCopyright © : rezulteo

Between the best and worst tyres, a distance of 3.15 metres, the size of a small city car. Over and above the performance obtained when braking hard at points on the track, the significant difference in results make us wonder what the consequences are on the road. For example, emergency braking on a surface that is not as good as the racing circuit tarmac. Note that wet braking performances were not measured in this comparison; this criterion can be seen directly on the tyre label at dealers since it is one of the three mandatory criteria shown on the label since the new labelling standard came into force.


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>> In the context of our subjective tests, based on three criteria (precision, balance and grip), each of our three drivers will give a more detailed explanation of one of the three criteria.
In this video, Marco Candelo, scientist in the field of tyres, is talking about the grip.



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