What is the difference between 103W and 107W tyre ratings?. Tyre information on rezulteo.

What is the difference between 103W and 107W tyre ratings?

What is the difference between 103W and 107W tyres?

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Asked on 08/12/2014 by Guest 10841

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You can find the manufacturing year and date on the sidewall of the tyre. You need to look for the DOT code, it will give you the year and the month of manufacturing. The first two codes specify the manufacturer and the manufacturer plant, and then you will find four numbers. The first two numbers indicates the week of manufacture, and the last two indicates the year of manufacure. For example, 3512 means the 35th week of 2012. 

If you are interested click here to read more about it. 

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rezulteo 9 Apr 09:26

How to identify manufacturing year and month on the tyre?

Guest 11527 8 Apr 11:23


Thank you for your question. 

The number is the load index, it indicates the maximum load that a tyre can carry, and the W is the speed index, it indicates the maximum speed that the tyre can reach.  

  • 103W - Load 875 kg (approx 1929 lbs), Speed 270 km/h (approx 168mph)
  • 107W - Load 975 kg (approx 2148 lbs), Speed 270 km/h (approx 168 mph)

To read more about how to decode the markings on a tyre, click here.

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rezulteo 9 Dec 09:06
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