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Tyre pressure Touareg with caravan v6

I have recently brought an 05 plate 3litre V6 Touarweg to tow a 1.6 tonne caravan. Its got 22 inch 285/35 Tyres. Two questions, What should my tyre pressures be, and should I be thinking of changing my wheels?

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Asked on 03/04/2013 by Guest 7019

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Hello :)

Thank you for your question.

It is not necessary to change the dimensions of your tyres. This fitting gives the lateral load increased stability but it is more sensitive to bumps etc.

Concerning tyre pressure, it's necessary to ask for the manufacturers specifications, and to choose the highest one. Our advice would be to weigh the rear axle of the car and the caravan under conditions of use to make sure that the axles aren't overloaded.

Happy driving,

the rezulteo team

rezulteo 6 Apr 10:47
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