Pirelli 215/55 R17 94W suitable for winter?. Tyre information on rezulteo.

Pirelli 215/55 R17 94W suitable for winter?

Are Pirelli 215/55 R17 94W suitable for winter conditions, if so up to what level?

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Asked on 05/11/2011 by davee4surf

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We can't determine the tyre pressure from a single tyre dimension. We would need information on your exact vehicle model.


Follow this link to search for your car, and ultimately find out the tyre pressure : find out tyre pressures here

The rezulteo team

cgallet 10 Jul 10:20

What tyre pressure is required for Pirelli 215/55 r17 94w tyres ?

Guest 5254 28 Jun 08:18


Thanks for your question.

The tyre size doesn't really determine much in terms of winter driving. What is more important is the type of tyre on your vehicle. If they're winter tyres, you shouldn't have a problem, if they're summer tyres, then you may experience problems.

It also depends on where you love, and the roads you drive on, and if you may encounter snow or not.

The rezulteo team

cgallet 7 Nov 11:40
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