MOT passed with bald tyre and rotational tyre?. Tyre information on rezulteo.

MOT passed with bald tyre and rotational tyre?

MOT passed with bald tyre and rotational tyre???Hey. My gf's car passed the MOT 3 weeks ago but she kept skidding & had a feeling that the wheels were not responding properly to the steering wheel (this was happening before the MOT).The MOT passed with no issues but the problem persisted so she took it to Kwik Fit today. They said one tyre was bald and the other was rotational (I think that's the word - they said it had been put on backwards).Kwik Fit then said you can still pass the MOT even with a bald tyre. I checked this on the net and this does not seem to be true.Either the garage have failed in properly doing the MOT or Kwik Fit are lying about the faults...or both. I know nothing about cars & would appreciate some input.Thanks.

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Asked on 03/01/2012 by Guest 4262

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If there is a significant level of wear, then this could cause problems. We would advise you to change the tyres from a safety point of view, and also to know that you will pass the MOT with no problems.

It would also be worth getting the vehicle checked over to see what the cause of that irregular wear is.

As for the Garage and Kwik Fit having 2 different sides to the story, it would be worth bringing this up with Kwik Fit in order to try and find the true answer.

It's difficult to give a completely accurate answer without seeing the extent of the wear, but it seems that tyre depth should be checked at the MOT

I hope this helps you twoards solving the problem!

the rezulteo team

cgallet 17 Jan 09:30
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