ContiSportContact 3 or ContiSportContact 5. Tyre information on rezulteo.

ContiSportContact 3 or ContiSportContact 5

I want to change back from winter tyres to summer ones. I've got two Continental ContiSportContact 3's for the front (Mercedes E320 estate sport) and was going for two more for the back or two Contisport contact 5's BUT everyone says they are really noisy. Is there another make that I should target for a quiet ride which is more important for me than scorching performance.

Asked on 08/03/2012 by Guest 4662

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From a general point of view, we would tend to choose the most recent (the ContiSportContact 5), as this more recent tyre can only be as high performance as it's replacement, if not better for certain aspects.

You may find more information by clicking this link: ContiSportContact 5 information

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