Hi I have a VW EOS 1.4 SPORT, a tyre that is comfy?. Tyre information on rezulteo.

Hi I have a VW EOS 1.4 SPORT, a tyre that is comfy?

Hi I have a VW EOS 1.4 SPORT with Dunlop Sport 01 tyres 215/55/R16. I am looking for the most comfy tyres for mostly town driving, what do you advise? Wear is not important but cost could be. REGARDS MIKE.mikepither@msn.com

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Asked on 21/03/2015 by mikepither

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Hi again,

Sport tyres are general less comfortable as they focus on other performances. The CSC 3, as a sporty tyre, is not necessarily a good match for you considering the characteristics you are looking for. Have you decided what to get? 

the rezulteo team

rezulteo 30 Mar 10:40

Last year I switched to Dunlop Sport BluResponse 205/55 R16 91V and find them very comfortable and with great improvement in milage. But then I switched from Continental ContiSportContact 3 235/45 ZR 17...

Guest 11447 26 Mar 22:11


Thank you for your question.

We are basing the answer on that your tyre dimension is 215/55/R16 93H. Please verify that the dimension is correct. A few tyres that could be interesting for you and your needs are:



Please let us know if you need any more help or suggestions. 

Kind regards,

The rezulteo team

rezulteo 24 Mar 17:02
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