Fit non-runflat tyres on my car?. Tyre information on rezulteo.

Fit non-runflat tyres on my car?

I Have a BMW Z4 E89 (2009 S Drive 3.0 ) In your tyre proposals you show RFL and Non RFL tyres Can I fit Non RFL tyres to my present wheels ( fitted withRFL tyres) or would I need new rims to suit non RFL tyres

Asked on 14/04/2013 by Guest 7111

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Hello :)

- Legally, you have the right to put normal tyres on your car. However, it would be wise to check with your car dealer that fitting a normal tyre won't interfere with the suspension, electronic control systems (ABS, etc.) 

- Don't forget to get a spare wheel  

Happy driving!

The rezulteo team

rezulteo 15 Apr 14:07
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