Driving on a repaired tyre. Tyre information on rezulteo.

Driving on a repaired tyre

My Fiat Palio (2002) has Michelin Tyres 18 months old and 2000 KMs run, in good condition. Just discoverd Front right Tyre to have 10 punctures including 2 in the sidewall. all plugged successfully, but i am worried about the safety aspect of running a tyre which is plugged in 10 places. 1) Is there any technical stuff which clarifies as to how many punctures can you plug in a tubeless tyre without affecting its structural integrity and safety of the passengers?2) How does a car handle with such a tyre and should i impose any speed limit?RegardsSanjay

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Asked on 06/02/2012 by Guest 4471

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If your tyre is deteriorated in any way (especially on the sidewall) you should get it checked over by a professional as soon as possible, and not drive on it until it has been checked.

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cgallet 10 Feb 09:55

If any tyre has any damage to the side wall that makes its unsafe e.g. hole or very deep crack, it must be replaced and not repaired. So in answer to your question you will need a new tyre.

matthewedwards2 7 Feb 13:19
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