Changing tyres - Tiguan 4x4 2.0L diesel 170BHP. Tyre information on rezulteo.

Changing tyres - Tiguan 4x4 2.0L diesel 170BHP

Hi, I live in Scotland - up a hill! I have a Tiguan 4x4 2.0L diesel 170BHP. I need 2 new front tyres. I'm looking for somethinng with more grip in winter than Bridgestone Dueller H/P sport (fitted from new on all 4 wheels). If I change tyres will I need to change all 4? I've read that I can't mix winter with summer - understood but is there something better out there that I can mix with the Bridgestone?

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Asked on 07/09/2013 by Magus

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Thank you. Now to go shopping

Magus 12 Sep 12:51

So, you should have a look to these 2 all-seasons tyres:

Happy driving !

The rezulteo team

rezulteo 12 Sep 12:02

Thank you. Tiguan 80% fwd, 20% rear unless loss of grip when computer directs power to wherever it's needed. At service VW only referred to the need to change front tyres. NE Fife has relatively mild winters so need summer tyre (all season?) that perfoms best in most conditions incl slush & powdered snow w/out need for a set of winter tyres - unless like 2010 of course!

Happy driving :)

The rezulteo team

Magus 11 Sep 19:37

Hello there, and thank you for contacting us :)

The European legislation allows you to "drop" to the Q speed rating for your winter tyres. (Note: this works only for winter tyres). So you can drop to H.


If your car is a 4WD, you will have to change all 4 tyres. If not, you always have to put the new tyres on the rear and the old ones on the front.
One last thing: when you say, "more grip in winter", do you mean on snow? Or do you mean a specific type of road?

The rezulteo team

rezulteo 11 Sep 10:54

Thanks for getting back. I have 235/50 R18 97 V fitted - given speed limit and type of driving I do, could I 'drop' to H speed rating.if that gives more choice ?

Whilst thinking about it is it worth moving the rear tyres to the front and putting th new ones on the back?

Magus 9 Sep 20:26

Hello there :)

Indeed, you can not mix winter tyres with summer tyres. In order to help you, can you please tell us which tyre size is fitted to your car?

(You can answer directly to this thread, no need to post a new question).

Happy driving,

The rezulteo Team

rezulteo 9 Sep 17:17
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