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Are Cooper CS2 tyres suitable for caravans with a max load of 1500kg?

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Asked on 03/07/2017 by Guest 18540

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Thanks for your question.

To know whether or not these tyres are suitable for your caravan, you need to check the load index of your current tyres. The load index is a number marked on the tyre sidewall. It tells you the maximum load the wheel can carry (e.g. for load index 91, the maximum load is 615 kg). You should fit tyres with a load index the same or higher than that of your original tyres. 

Why not check out Tyre Safe's guide for caravan owners which contains a tyre load index table so you can find out the maximum load of your wheels and choose suitable tyres.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

The rezulteo team.

rezulteo 10 Jul 14:21
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