EU tyre labelling - Rezulteo supports the Campaign for Better Tyres

Rezulteo supports the Campaign for Better Tyres

EU tyre labelling Published the 09/02/2012 by Daniel

By choosing better tyres, we can improve safety on our roads, reduce traffic noise and help the environment. This is the message from the Campaign for Better Tyres, which was started by Environmental Protection UK. Rezulteo supports this action, and offers consumers a tyre performance comparison tool, which allows them to easily find the best tyres for their vehicle.

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Tyres are an essential part of any vehicle. Passenger and driver safety; fuel consumption; the level of CO2 emissions; and noise levels depend on their quality.

By buying tyres with these criteria in mind, it’s possible to save money and to reduce the impact on the environment caused by automobiles.

Taking this into account, Environmental Protection UK, an association that specialises in environmental studies, has launched a national campaign, the Campaign for Better Tyres, to raise awareness amongst drivers and fleet managers of the importance of choosing tyres effectively. To do this, they have benefited from assistance from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and the European Federation for Transport and the Environment.

The campaign is preparing for the arrival of European Tyre Labelling. Indeed, European law foresees that starting from November 2012, all new tyres will have to adhere to new standards in breaking on wet surfaces, rolling resistance and noise. These performances will be indicated clearly on a standardised label that will appear on, or near new tyres in all points of sale.

Rezulteo supports this campaign to raise awareness, and offers consumers with a performance and price comparison tool, which will allows them to choose the best tyres for their vehicle. Drivers will also find maintenance and buying advice on the site, as well as practical services.