EU tyre labelling - No AA-rated tyres before 2013

No AA-rated tyres before 2013

EU tyre labelling Published the 02/01/2013 by Charlotte

At present, there's no point looking for tyres displaying a double 'A’ label, even in tyre ranges from leading brands. The European legislator has set the bar high, particularly in terms of fuel efficiency. Tyre manufacturers announce the first AA-rated tyres for 2013. In the meantime, B and C rated tyres are perfectly acceptable.

No tyres with AA level in 2012 Copyright © : rezulteo

Improving tyre performance levels is an objective parties promoting tyre labelling have set. With this legislation, the European legislator aims to encourage tyre manufacturers to produce safer and more environmentally friendly tyres.  This is why an ambitious rating scale for tyre performance has been adopted.

To date, the number of tyres boasting a double ‘A’ rating can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Most AA-rated tyres presented in the last few months by leading tyre manufacturers are prototypes. This is the case for Pirelli with the Cinturato P7 Blue, Bridgestone with the EP001S or Goodyear with the EfficientGrip AA.

On the basis of our surveys, only 10% of today’s tyres display an A rating for wet grip (mainly for summer tyres) and less than 0.5% for fuel efficiency. In the future, this criterion should make the most progress. In the meantime, B and C rated tyres are already pretty efficient.

All leading tyre manufacturers already devote a considerable percentage of their research budget to find ways to reduce rolling resistance, a performance which has a direct impact on fuel consumption. It now remains for them to stabilise the balance of performances for these ‘green’ tyres, so that improved fuel efficiency is not at the expense of other performances.  The race to develop an AA-rated tyre is on!

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