EU tyre labelling - Goodyear presents its AA concept tyre

Goodyear presents its AA concept tyre

EU tyre labelling Published the 24/09/2012 by Daniel

Committed to promoting European tyre labelling, Goodyear has just revealed its AA graded concept tyre, the highest possible grade that can be achieved in performance tests. Coming from Goodyear’s range of fuel efficient tyres, the EfficientGrip AA will be used as a base to develop tyres focused on safety and fuel economy.

 Goodyear EfficientGrip AA Copyright © : Goodyear

Like BridgestoneDunlop and ToyoGoodyear chose the International Tyre Fair, held in Essen in June, to unveil the EfficientGrip AA, an AA-labelled tyre. A way for Goodyear to set a date and demonstrate their expertise in technologies that reduce overall fuel consumption without compromising other performances, particularly, wet grip. 

A high performance concept tyre

This concept tyre comes from the EfficientGrip range, renowned for fuel efficiency and safety. It offers one of the best performances in terms of rolling resistance and wet grip currently available on the market. “The tyre label judges us on our ability to deliver a tyre that achieves top marks in tough conditions – namely in the wet -, and our ability to reduce the overall fuel consumption of the car, and consequently decrease the CO2 generated by the vehicle”, says Hugues Despres, Brand Director Goodyear EMEA  

New manufacturing techniques

These good results have been achieved thanks to a new tread compound, an improved tread structure and new manufacturing techniques.

Tested sizes

The concept tyre, EfficientGrip AA has been developed in four sizes:

SizesLoad RangeLI/SIExternal rolling noiseSound waves
215/55 R16XL97 V69)
225/55 R16XL99 V69)
225/55 R17XL101 V71))
205/R16XL94 V69)

Goodyear engineers will use the EfficientGrip AA as a base to develop tyres that meet market demands. It will also be used for demonstration purposes, at exhibitions for example, to showcase the brand’s technological capabilities.