EU tyre labelling - First labels from June 2012

First labels from June 2012

EU tyre labelling Published the 16/01/2012 by Jack

European tyre labels will come into force in 2012. Labelling will not be mandatory before November, but tyre manufacturers and distributors can start introducing labels from June onwards.

The European Commission clarified points RE tyre labelling

Less than a year before tyre labelling regulations come into force, the European Commission is clarifying certain points to pave the way for an effective implementation of tyre labelling requirements.

On one hand, the additional regulation addresses the harmonisation of methods used by test organisations to measure tyre performance, and on the other hand, the effective date for the first labels.

As a reminder, the future label will inform the consumer on three tyre performance attributes: The contribution to fuel consumption, wet grip and external rolling noise.

First labels in June

The new regulation confirms that tyres for cars and light utility vehicles produced after 30th June 2012 and commercialised in European Union countries from November 2012 should carry a sticker or be accompanied by a label indicating their performance, in all sale outlets.

The text specifies that this information should also appear on supplier’s websites, in brochures, in the price list as well as on invoices.

Further details: Each tyre size and type will have its own label.

Moreover, tyres cannot be labelled before 30th May 2012.

Harmonisation of measurement procedures
The other points are more technical: They concern the tyre manufacturers and test organisations who will grade the performance of tyres.

The 228/2011 regulation provides details concerning the wet grip testing method for passenger cars; 

The 1235/2011 regulation sets out the measures required to:
• grade the wet grip of tyres for light and heavy utility vehicles;
• measure the rolling resistance, including the approved testing organisations adopting the same measurement and verification procedures.

A measure that will drive quality upwards

According to ETRMA, the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers Association, "labelling will increase interest in tyres and will influence consumers and car fleet owners to consider tyre performance when purchasing a tyre”.

Furthermore, ETRMA believes that this measure will also “encourage tyre manufacturers to upgrade their products in a context of increased competition and allow those making the effort to benefit from product differentiation".