EU tyre labelling - Dunlop unveil an AA-labelled sports tyre

Dunlop unveil an AA-labelled sports tyre

EU tyre labelling Published the 24/09/2012 by Jack

Like other tyre manufacturers, Dunlop chose the International Tyre Faire in Essen to unveil the BluResponse AA, a high performance concept tyre that achieves AA-grades as set out by EU tyre labelling regulations. It will be used as a base to develop sporty tyres offering improved safety and fuel efficiency.

Sport BluResponse AA by Dunlop Sport BluResponse AA by Dunlop - Copyright © : Dunlop

While labels evaluating tyre performance are being introduced, leading tyre manufacturers are demonstrating what they can achieve. Most chose the International Tyre Fair held in Essen in June to present AA-graded prototypes, the highest grade that can be achieved for the main tyre labelling criteria: Wet grip and rolling resistance (which contribute to fuel consumption and CO2 emissions).

Sport BluResponse AA by DunlopCopyright © : Dunlop


A high performance concept tyre

This is the case of Dunlop, who unveiled a high performance concept tyre under the brand name Sport BluResponse AA, at Essen. “With this tyre, Dunlop wants to show that it can deliver a sporty high performance tyre that also meets some of the best tyre labelling criteria on the market.” explains Sanjay Khanna, Managing Director of Dunlop Brand Europe, Middle East and Africa,

 New manufacturing techniques

These results were achieved thanks to a new tread compound designed to reduce heat generation in the tyre, an improved tread structure and new manufacturing techniques, details of which remain confidential.

Tested dimensions

The Sport BluResponse AA concept tyre has been developed in four sizes:


Load Range 


External rolling noise

Sound waves

215/55 R16  


97 V



225/55 R16


99 V



225/55 R17


101 V  



205/55 R16


94 V



Goodyear-Dunlop engineers will use the Sport BluResponse AA as a base to develop sports tyres that meet market demands. It will also be used for demonstration purposes, at exhibitions for example, to showcase the brand’s technological capabilities.

A QR code to complete consumer information

Dunlop has decided to print QR codes on all EU tyre labels.  This code, which can be scanned by mobile phones such as Smartphones, will open a page on a Dunlop website where the consumer will find other criteria to evaluate tyre performances.