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EU tyre labelling

  • EU tyre label: tyres with the worst ratings banned from sale

    Published the 04/05/2017 by Yannick O'Conor

    From 1st May 2017, passenger tyres with a G-rating for fuel efficiency or a F-rating for wet grip on the European tyre label can no longer be sold.
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  • Only 8% of drivers are aware of the three labelling criteria

    Published the 19/11/2013 by Peter

    Tyre labelling is now mandatory in Europe, but have European consumers fully integrated this new labelling system when buying tyres? In partnership with Ipsos, the new Rezulteo survey shows that consumers are more familiar with labelling than before, but it is still not a decisive purchasing criterion since they prefer to give priority to the price of tyres and advice from sales specialists.
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  • No AA-rated tyres before 2013

    Published the 02/01/2013 by Charlotte

    At present, there's no point looking for tyres displaying a double 'A’ label, even in tyre ranges from leading brands. The European legislator has set the bar high, particularly in terms of fuel efficiency. Tyre manufacturers announce the first AA-rated tyres for 2013. In the meantime, B and C rated tyres are perfectly acceptable.
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  • Tyre labelling is now mandatory

    Published the 21/12/2012 by Harry

    The new European tyre labelling regulation came into force on 1st November, 2012. Now, all tyres on sale in the EU for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks are required to display a standard label. This label indicates the tyre’s performance based on three criteria: Fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise.
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  • Tyre labelling outside Europe

    Published the 29/11/2012 by Harry

    To date, tyre labelling has only been adopted by Japan and South Korea. But other countries, such as the USA and Brazil are likely to follow suit. Performance criteria, grading scales, tyre label: Overview of the different legislations.
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  • 80% of European drivers are in favour of tyre labelling

    Published the 12/11/2012 by Harry

    Just a few days before European tyre labelling became mandatory, Rezulteo conducted jointly with the Ipsos Research Institute, a study covering 5 European countries to get a better idea of what consumers expect when choosing their tyres. The main lesson drawn from this study: Although the initiative remains largely unknown, European consumers are very much in favour of tyre labelling. All consumers say they need more guidance when choosing their tyres.
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  • Introduction of tyre labelling

    Published the 02/10/2012 by Harry

    The first labelled tyres are arriving on sales channels and will soon appear in retail outlets. On the internet, tyre sales websites are also starting to display tyre performance labels in product data sheets. All are getting ready to answer the questions that motorists will undoubtedly ask them.
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  • Dunlop unveil an AA-labelled sports tyre

    Published the 24/09/2012 by Jack

    Like other tyre manufacturers, Dunlop chose the International Tyre Faire in Essen to unveil the BluResponse AA, a high performance concept tyre that achieves AA-grades as set out by EU tyre labelling regulations. It will be used as a base to develop sporty tyres offering improved safety and fuel efficiency.
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  • Goodyear presents its AA concept tyre

    Published the 24/09/2012 by Daniel

    Committed to promoting European tyre labelling, Goodyear has just revealed its AA graded concept tyre, the highest possible grade that can be achieved in performance tests. Coming from Goodyear’s range of fuel efficient tyres, the EfficientGrip AA will be used as a base to develop tyres focused on safety and fuel economy.
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  • Bridgestone will officially present an AA-rated tyre at the Paris Motor Show

    Published the 11/09/2012

    The tyre manufacturer will officially present the EP001S, the latest member of the fuel efficient Ecopia range, at the Paris Motor Show in September. This tyre will be rated AA, achieving the top label rating for fuel efficiency and wet grip.
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  • 1 554 miles on a single tank of fuel: Ford and Continental set a new record

    Published the 10/08/2012 by Daniel

    Knut Wilthil and Henrik Borchgrevink, two Norwegian drivers, set a new record for the longest distance driven in a passenger car on a single tank of fuel. In two days, they travelled over 1550 miles in a Ford Mondeo Econetic 1.6L turbo diesel equipped with ContiEcoContact 5 tyres from Continental. A success in line with regulations to label tyre performance, particularly in terms of rolling resistance and the tyre’s contribution to fuel consumption.
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  • Tyre labelling: How is tyre performance compared?

    Published the 25/05/2012 by Jack

    The letters and colours shown on the tyre label indicate its performance level in terms of fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise. But what exactly does this mean? What does the grading scale correspond to? What is the difference between two classes?
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