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  • 7.5/0 R15 135/133 G (134/132) J
  • 8.25/0 R15 142/141 G (141/140) J
  • 215/75 R17.5 135/133 J
  • 235/75 R17.5 143/141 J
  • 245/70 R17.5 143/141 J
  • 385/55 R22.5 160 K (158) L
  • 385/65 R22.5 160 K

rezulteo's product sheet

For long and medium haul applications, the Uniroyal TH110 is a tyre for trailer axles.


Longevity. The new carcass design ensures a longer tyre life.

The rezulteo rating

The rezulteo rating of the Uniroyal TH110 tyre is an algorithm result which combines technical performance, service performance of the brand as well as the European tyre labelling.

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