Michelin X Line Energy Z The Michelin X Line Energy Z uses Energy Flex technology - Photo credits ©: Rezulteo

For its new truck tyres, Michelin has launched a new ‘Energy Flex’ casing that offers increased durability and a lower rolling resistance.

A more “flexible" casing!

The “Durable Technologies” family includes Michelin’s latest innovations that aim to make its tyres more durable and more economical to use. In particular, it includes the new Energy Flex casing that, as its name indicates, is “flexible” thanks to the use of more flexible cables. Likewise, the tyre’s sidewall uses a rubber compound with finer elements that improve flexibility. Reducing the rigidity also reduces the internal stresses in the tyre. This also helps limit heat build up and therefore energy losses from periodic sidewall bending when driving. The bottom layer uses the Energy compound to reduce rolling resistance.



The Michelin Energy Flex casing can be found in the Energy SaverGreen, X Multiway 3D and X Line tyre ranges.

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