Bridgestone U-AP001 bus Bridgestone’s new urban tyre announces higher performance and robustness - Photo credits ©: Bridgestone

Exit the R-192, the name given to Bridgestone’s new urban tyre for buses and coaches is U-AP 001 (U for Urban, AP for All Position) and this tyre firmly intends to outperform its predecessor on all comparative criteria!

Thanks to a new, more robust casingBridgestone announces a 20% longer tyre life and the possibility to support a higher load capacity (index 134/136 to 148/152 depending on the dimensions).  

In addition to these elements, and better retreadability and regroovability which improve efficiency and savings, the Japanese tyre manufacturer has added a side guard and sidewall protector to its new tyre to minimise damage from kerbs and impacts which never fail to occur when manoeuvring, for example.

Bridgestone U-AP001 Photo credits ©: Bridgestone

Sidewalls now feature other useful information, such as a wear indicator or markings,with a new shape and position for easy reading and to prevent markings from disappearing due to scuffing and other daily impacts.

Marked with the M+S and 3PMSF symbols and designed to be used all year round on wet, dry or slippery roads, the Bridgestone U-AP 001 also meets the requirements of UN regulationR117.02 qualifying a winter tyre. If it’s the increase in width by 5% improves grip, then its variable depth sipes work to increase traction and improve braking performance, especially on wet roads.

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