Michelin X Line Energy AAA Michelin X Line Energy, a good fuel economy rating for all axles - Photo credits ©: Michelin

The Michelin X Line Energy has earned an excellent rating for rolling resistance on all types of axles.

European tyre labellingis mandatory since November 2012, for passenger cars, vans and trucks. This label, now affixed to each new tyre, focuses on three criteria – fuel consumption, wet grip and rolling noise – with a letter rating ranging from A for the best rating to G for the worst.

After more than 18 months on the market and with more than 200 000 tyres sold, today Michelin is launching a drive and steer version of its X Line Energy whose original model, designed for trailer axles, received an A rating for fuel efficiency.  With this new fitting, Michelin is the first tyre manufacturer to offer a complete set of low rolling resistance tyres rated "A" for all positions, for both the tractor and trailer, i.e. AAA.

Compared with the previous version of the X Line Energy rated BBA, the French tyre manufacturer says this new, more efficient opus will help save up to one litre of fuel per 100 kilometres (approximately 62 miles), i.e. an average of more than 1600 euros per year over the initial tyre life. A substantial saving since this is practically the cost of four new X Line Energy tyres per year and per coupling.

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