Pirelli ST:01 Neverending The new Pirelli ST:01 Neverending obtains an A-rating for rolling resistance and wet braking - Photo credits ©: Pirelli

The letters war is raging and tyre manufacturers are all trying to find the best compromise between rolling resistance and wet grip, in accordance with the criteria defined by European tyre labelling. With the ST:01 Neverending, Pirelli announces the best possible rating: A-A.

Double A for Pirelli and its ST:01 Neverending

With a name like Neverending, Pirelli clearly insists on the longevity of its new generation of ST:01 tyres, designed for use on trailer axles of vehicles travelling short and long distances. Through the use of new materials, the ST:01 Neverending’s durability and mileage potential have improved by 10 % compared with its predecessor. The tyre features a dual-layer tread compound. The top layer, in contact with the road, ensures better road holding, shorter braking distances and a higher mileage potential. The high silica undertread helps reduce heat build up and lowers rolling resistance. According to Pirelli, this tyre offers a 20% reduction compared with the previous ST:01. The combination of these two superimposed layers allows the Neverending Energy to earn the best rating (A) on EU tyre labels, for wet grip and rolling resistance.

The tyre carcass has also changed and now has steel cords that are more resistant to oxidation and fatigue. Sidewalls have been reinforced and adopt a new geometry offering more resistance to damage. They also feature the “HEXA Bead Wire". Patented by Pirelli, the Hexa Bead Wire offers more flexibility for easy fitting and improved thermal stability, for increased durability.

The tread pattern has four longitudinal grooves:  Two wide outer grooves and two finer grooves at the centre are designed to reduce tread block movements and therefore rolling resistance. Five strong ribs offer a better resistance to wear and tear. Finally, the new shoulder design, patented under the name RSR, improves the contact pressure with the road, for more even wear and increased durability.  

The ST:01 Neverending Energy is available in two different sizes: 385/65 R22,5 and 385/55 R22,5.

By Renaud Lacroix

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